News - September 10, 2013

Living in a caravan

Rob Goossens

Evelien Bos, first-year Animal Sciences, is living in a spacious caravan at De Wielerbaan campsite. She still doesn’t have a room in Wageningen.

Where do you come from? ‘Zevenhuizen, in the smoke of Rotterdam. It takes about two and a half hours to reach Wageningen by public transport. That is not doable because I have lectures every day now.’

How did you get hold of such a luxurious caravan?

‘From my parents. They brought me here on Sunday 2 September and helped me set it all up. Since then I’ve been living and studying here. I can be at the campus in ten minutes by bike, which is really luxurious.’

Is it quite fun at the campsite? ‘Well, I’ve only been here a couple of days so I don’t know many people yet, but that will come. The campsite has put most of the students together on one field, so the atmosphere is great. And you chat now and then, over the washing up for instance. I talked to a teacher from Wageningen University who lives so far away that he has been camping out on the campsite all summer. That’s funny, isn’t it?’

What is your impression of Wageningen, as a ‘westerner’? ‘A super town. Nice centre, beautiful surroundings, friendly people. Sounds very positive, hey? But then I really have had all positive experiences.’

How long will this go on? ‘Not too long, luckily. I have already been told I will get a room from 2 October. So just another couple of weeks. Hope the weather isn’t too bad. Up to now I feel like I’m on holiday.’