News - November 10, 2016

List of options for talented students

Anne van der Heijden

Wageningen offers dozens of options for students looking for an extra challenge beyond the standard study programme. But not everyone knows about them. So now the Student Council has listed all these activities on the 'Trigger your Talent' webpage.

Photo: Student Council

The Student Council wants to provide more guidance for students seeking to broaden or deepen their knowledge. This was prompted by an open letter a group of students sent to the Executive Board last year about the Honours Programme. They criticized the fact that there were not enough places and said there should also be opportunities for the students who didn’t get selected. It turned out that these opportunities were already available; now they are being put on display.

The overview is not comprehensive, says Student Council member Anne Swank. For example, the ‘selected topics’ option (capita selecta) is mentioned but if you want to know more, you have to look at the study guide to find a topic that suits you. ‘We mainly want to nudge students in the right direction and inspire them to look further.’

We mainly want to nudge students in the right direction and inspire them to look further.

The webpage explains that students can broaden their study, for instance, by taking extra courses outside their programme. All the scientific competitions for students are also listed.

On 15 November, the Student Council is organizing a Talent Development Event to publicize the website among students, study advisers and other staff. The event will be opened by the rector Arthur Mol, after which a student, an alumnus and a study adviser will all talk about what their extracurricular studies have meant for them.

The site will officially be launched during the Talent Development Event. Any outside activities not yet on the list can be reported via the contact form on the website.

To find Trigger your Talent, go to

The Talent Development Event is on Tuesday 15 November, 16.00 to 18.00 in Orion east wing.