News - September 1, 2015

Lightning struck Marijkeweg

Carina Nieuwenweg

Last Sunday the students living in the student housing at Marijkeweg were shocked awake. Around four o’clock lighting struck the building.

Photo: Dingming Rao

The loud noise followed by a bright flash caused many students to wake up with a jolt. ‘I thought: the Russians have arrived!’ said one of the residents.

This morning the damage was noticeable. No television and no radio. The students were wondering how they were going to survive a day without television. A random student: ‘We are lucky that our internet still works. That would caused such chaos!’

It is unknown where the lighting struck exactly. Idealis found no damage to the building. Possibly the lighting conductor has done its job, said the spokeswoman Corina van Dijk. ‘But that does not explain why the television and radio have stopped working.’ The student housing desk did not receive any angry phone calls. ‘The students were probably mainly startled.’

According to Idealis the problem has been reported to Ziggo, which provide television and radio to the student housing. The provider reports that there is no information about the problem at Marijkeweg.  According to the problem checker on the website there was a defect, but it has been solved.