Student - June 13, 2017

Library closed for renovations

Linda van der Nat

This summer, the Forum library will be closed for extensive renovations. An additional 165 study spots will be created. The renovations are planned to last until the end of October.

© Marijn Flipse

The library will be fully redone, says Petra Otten, project leader of the renovations. ‘An additional 165 study spots will be created, ranging from individual tables and chairs to couch work places, lounge spots and themed rooms for group work.’ The wishes of students, such as a variation in the type of work places, were explicitly considered while drafting the new design. The number of electrical sockets will be increased and there will be possibilities for a more active working postures. Otten: ‘One of the themed rooms has stability balls and deskbikes instead of chairs for that exact reason.’

The library will be closed as of 4 July. Students who want to self study can find a place in the education rooms in Forum. The second floor will reopen around the 11th of September. The renovations on the third and fourth floor will be finished by the end of October. Otten: ‘We have claimed all education rooms that were not booked for lectures after 4 September as study spaces for students, but some improvisation will still be required on the part of the students during the first term. But of course, studying in Orion, the Leeuwenborch or at home will remain a possibility.’

The library has been struggling with a lack of space for some time due to ever-increasing numbers of students, particularly during the independent study weeks. Otten does not expect the changes to provide sufficient space for everyone during the education-free periods. ‘I do, however, expect that it will take longer to fill up. Let’s hope that not being able to find a free spot at ten past eight will be a matter of the past.’

Earlier plans mentioned two hundred new study spots. However, the air conditioning system did not allow for that.

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