News - September 5, 2019

Less interest in societies

Geert van Zandbrink

First-year students did not register with the main Wageningen student societies in such big numbers during this year’s Annual Introduction Days (AID). KSV Franciscus got the most applications, breaking its own record. Argo and SSR-W saw a big drop in the numbers registering.

A student tries out rowing club Argo’s ergometer at the AID Info Market.

Photo Tim den Duijf

KSV Franciscus got 290 applicants, beating its own record from 2017 (see table). ‘It is indeed a big number. We weren’t expecting this at all,’ says Amber Laan, the KSV Franciscus chair. ‘We ran a really good AID, and with our new roof terrace the weather was in our favour too.’

Unlike in previous years, student rowing club Argo won’t have to draw lots or select applicants this year. With 190 applications, the society is well below its limit of 280 new members. Even so, Maxime Visser of Argo’s candidate rowing committee is upbeat. ‘Fewer registrations means more boats, training sessions and equipment per member. That will let us spur people on to become active members.’

Nji-Sri has seen the number of applicants increase for the second year in a row, while Ceres is fairly stable with 178 regular applications. A further 60 international students registered for a light version of the Ceres membership.

The final intake for the various societies will be announced in a few weeks. By then it will be clear whether all the applicants have actually become members.

2019 2018 2017 2016
KSV Franciscus 290 166 262 219
W. S. R. Argo 190 304 (280) 295 (250) 301 (250)
Ceres 178 187 195 193
SSR-W 131 187 195 193
Unitas 45* 60 50 70
NSW Navigators 36 46 70 60
Nji-Sri 87 74 52 67
Total 957 1025 1155 1157

* Estimate