News - April 28, 2016

Legionella in The Bongerd

Albert Sikkema

Legionella was found in the sports hall of The Bongerd during recent tests, the Board of Directors reports. This is also why the showers in The Bongerd were shut-off.

An external company is currently examining how the legionella bacteria entered the water system of The Bongerd, the spokesman Simon Vink shares. Then the water system will be thoroughly cleaned and the showers will only be turned on again once the samples show that the system is legionella free.

The legionella bacteria can cause fever, muscle pain and nausea and could lead to pneumonia and high fever. Users of The Bongerd that have these symptoms should go to their practitioner, Vink advises, but according to the GGD there is no reason to worry. Students and employees can still make use of the sport hall, but will not be able to shower for the time being.

In general legionella only develops in pipe systems that have been dormant for a while, while in The Bongerd people often use the showers. It is possible that the contamination is related to the new sport hall because they had to demount the pipe system a couple of times for this. But whether hypothesis is correct will be revealed after the examination.