News - November 29, 2010

Leeuwarden plans to run Master's courses

Leeuwarden wants to offer university Master's programmes in the life sciences in a few years' time. A decision will be made on this in January 2011 by the province of Friesland and the municipality of Leeuwarden.

Leeuwarden wants to offer the Master's programmes under the name of University Campus Fryslân. The first few dozen students would start in September 2011. The aim is to invest more money in the Master's on Water Technology launched by Wetsus two years ago. Additional Master's programmes will be offered in the fields of sustainability, energy, innovation and bilingualism. The vision is that within ten years, the University Campus Fryslân will be a thriving international knowledge community with about 450 students.

Wetsus and the Leeuwarden higher education institutions, which include Van Hall Larenstein, form an academic network together with the universities of Groningen, Twente, Wageningen and Delft. The Fryske Academy and the Wadden Academy will join the network too.
The applied sciences institutions and the universities will provide the academic education and research, and the plan is to accommodate the new organization in the The chancery on the Turf Market, the oldest monument in Friesland.
The plans for University Campus Fryslân have recently been put to the province of Friesland and the municipality of Leeuwarden. They are expected to make a decision on the plans in January 2011. Last year they voted unanimously for the development of the plans. For the period from 2010 to 2015, the province of Friesland would pay 16.4 million euros and the municipality of Leeuwarden 2 million euros.