News - February 25, 2010

Koert calls it a day

Columnist Willem Koert won't be writing about the administrators of Wageningen UR anymore. His last column appeared on 18 February on his website

Koert had been a columnist and nutrition journalist for Resource for many years. He turned freelancer for magazines outside Wageningen one and a half years ago.
'I've run out of stuff', was the reason he gives for his decision. 'The links I have with Wageningen UR have watered down; my attachment to it has gone. I have enjoyed writing my columns very much, but I'm losing touch with my subject matter. I always had rapport with people jeopardized by Wageningen UR, but that's getting less and less.'
The deciding factor to stop was the decision of the Supervisory Board to appoint Aalt Dijkhuizen as board chairman for a third term. 'I'm very astounded by this move. The participational and the employees' councils were against the appointment. Everyone knows this; it's a home truth. And yet, he's allowed to go on. I find that so absurd that a thought crossed my mind: no column has words to describe this.'
Koert is currently a fitness journalist for the magazines Men's Health and Sport & Fitness and is writing a book about anabolic steroids for the Drug Usage Authority.