Student - August 13, 2019

Join one - but which?


Joining a student society is a great way to meet new people and make friends. But which society would suit you best? Some introductions!

The Brabant Student Guild of Our Lady is one big group of friends where everyone knows one another and gets on well. Our society epitomizes the famous sociability of Brabant people but you certainly don’t have to come from the region. There are organized activities every week but nothing is mandatory.

WSV Ceres
There are lots of opportunities in Wageningen’s oldest, largest and nicest society. Membership gives you a richer student life, offering committee work, bands, sports and friends for life. This is where you lay the foundations for your future and build lasting friendships.

CSFR is a small, sociable, typically student Christian society. We meet in student houses, not just for Bible circles and drinks dos but also for talks and study groups. We look at how our Christian beliefs relate to various topics, for example to do with philosophy or society at large.

DLV Nji-Sri
Our society has its premises right in the centre of Wageningen. All students are welcome here every Thursday to enjoy a beer. We have fewer members than the other student societies, which means we know everyone in the society and are very close. We were originally farmers and we have a large network of alumni members all over the world who we are in regular contact with.

Here at Ichthus, we stand for faith, fun and bearing witness. Strong friendships develop as a result of that combination of relaxing together and searching seriously for God together. What is more, you develop the skills to make a difference in society and your future field of work through your religion.

IxESN Wageningen is part of the Erasmus Student Network, one of the largest international student societies in Europe. Our aim is to encourage mixing between Dutch and international students. We do that by organizing various activities, such as the international parties and the Buddy Family programme. Then there are the excursions, of course, including trips to various Dutch and European destinations such as Prague and the island of Texel. We hope to see you soon!

The aim of the International Student Organization Wageningen is to connect people from all over the world. If you want to get to know new people and cultures, learn new languages, go on a singing or dance course or take part in other fun activities, parties, courses and dinners, then ISOW is the place for you! To find out more and get the latest news on our courses and activities, go to

KSV Sint Franciscus Xaverius
Franciscus is one of the largest student societies in Wageningen. Over 800 members are actively involved in committees, clubs, year groups and debating groups. Everyone can find their own niche and build a strong network of friends for life. Get your student days off to a good start with Franciscus!

NSW is a nice Christian student society with nearly 200 members. Our motto is ‘Know Christ and make Him known’. We combine growth in your faith with drinks dos and a very sociable atmosphere. We are open to all and offer a place where beer and the Bible go well together.

’t Noaberschop
A lot of students from Twente and the Achterhoek region join ’t Noaberschop, so it does wonders for your network back home. Of course people from other parts of the Netherlands are more than welcome! We are an easy-going society where everyone knows one another. Every week, there is an event organized by the board or one of the committees.

Wageningen’s LGBTQ+ society (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and more). SHOUT is both an interest group and a sociable society for all ages. We organize society evenings, open parties and introduction and support groups. We also help LGBTQ refugees and provide information about sexual and gender diversity in schools.

Unitas is a youth society with brand-new premises in the heart of Wageningen. We are a sociable, open group that welcomes anyone who wants to develop as a person and wants a base in Wageningen where they can feel at home. We are all about sociability and personal development, so there’s loads you can do and organize at Unitas! Do drop in or check out our website.

VGSW is an active Christian society that organizes all kinds of activities, such as a weekly Bible circle, drinks dos and weekends away. In our sociable little society, you will soon make great friendships. There is also plenty of room to develop as a person, discover your talents and grow in your relationship with God.

All SSR-W members can lead an active student life alongside their studies and get the best out of their student days. There is something for everyone with our year groups, debating clubs, committees and special interest groups. We put on the coolest parties and there is plenty of room for personal development. Sound good? Now it’s your turn — become a member!

The Frisian student society is the most sociable regional student society in Wageningen! We speak Frisian here, but even so anyone who is looking for a fun time is welcome. We are a friendly society with few obligations. There are different activities every Tuesday evening, which make our great society the perfect combination for student life in Wageningen. Oant sjen! (See you soon!)

Yggdrasilstam (student scouting) is a friendly group of students who do scouting-related activities together. We eat together on Wednesdays. We also go camping a couple of times a year, sometimes just as a group on our own and sometimes with other Dutch student scouting groups. Do come along, even if you have never done scouting before!

WSR Argo
Rowing is the quintessential student sport and easy for anyone to learn. Argo gives you the opportunity to develop both physically and mentally and to be involved in a sport up to a national, international or possibly even Olympic standard! Argo offers you indoor training in the largest ergometer room of any Dutch student rowing club, plus the opportunity to refine your technique and row down the Rhine! The focus is on rowing and training but there is plenty more going on with weeks crammed full of dinners, drinks dos and activities.