Student - May 11, 2017


People with slender jawlines are more likely to be left-handed. To be precise: 25 percent more likely. This finding comes from large-scale research at the University of Washington. There is also a link between a thin face and tuberculosis. The researchers have a hunch that these things may be linked genetically. Well, yeah.


Do you chuck a ball of paper into a waste paper bin four metres away overarm or underarm? Overarm is better, shows mathematical research at Harvard. Aiming at a target below shoulder level leads to fewer mistakes when throwing overarm. For targets above shoulder height, an underarm throw works best. So korfball players throw underarm and baseball players overarm.

… and hurling

For throwing further and faster, overarm is always the best option. With an overarm throw, a slight deviation in the trajectory results in the smallest deviation at the target. And another thing: you throw most accurately if the speed of the throw is just fast enough to reach the target. Good news for lazy people: minimal effort, maximum result.


Scientists at the Salk Institute in California can turn ordinary mice into long-distance runners by feeding them with the substance GW1516. The substance stimulates fat-burning, and therefore increases the stamina of mice on a treadmill by 70 percent. This brings top sport within reach without training. But the researchers themselves are more interested in a cure for obesity.