Student - March 30, 2016

Japanese calligraphy artist in The Spot

Twan van der Slikke

The Japanese calligraphy artist Eita Segawa will be present this Thursday at the opening of the One World Week in The Spot. Thanks to the student Health and Society Junko Huijs, who helped to get Eita to Wageningen.

Calligraphy is exists of Chinese characters, which are also used in Japan. Each character has a meaning, and if you write it beautifully, you can depict this meaning in art’, Says Junko Huijs. Her mother is Japanese and often travels for her work between the netherlands and Japan. ‘She met Eita through some other contacts’, Junko shares. ‘He wanted to come to Europe for a while, upon which my mother inviited him to the Netherlands. Coincindentally he was touring through Europe during the same time that the One World Week was planned. The University was immediately enthusiastic. Thursday he will make personal calligraphy art pieces and give a demonstration on a large piece of paper of three by four meter.’


Eita Segawa started with calligraphy when he was twenty, after he lost his two best friends. He often performs in Japan and other parts of Asia. He will contribute to the opening of the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020.

From half past five until quarter past six visitors in The Spot can become acquainted with the art of calligraphy. After that the One World Week will be officially opened. It is fhte fifth time that the interantional week is organized for employees, students and for those who are interested. One World Week is, according to the policy advisor Astrid van den Heuvel, a week within which the University emphasizes how important and interesting the international character of Wageningen UR is. The week will last until 6 April. The programme counts more than fifty activities, including workshops, lectures and debates, sport, film, food and music. The programme can be found on or through the App store.

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  • Florencio rojas (horikani)

    Hello my name is florencio rojas I live in Eindhoven the Netherlands I'm looking for a senjafuda with my name on Japanese calligraphy and I was wondering if you can help me thanks a lot