News - May 3, 2016

Is the food on campus okay?

Roelof Kleis

Every day the canteens on campus are packed. So the food must be tasty. Or not? The editors of Resource are performing taste-tests these weeks. But what do you think?

This week Resource has four test panel members judging the campus canteens. It is about the canteens in Forum, Orion and the Leeuwenborch plus the Restaurant of the Future. Two students and two employees try a variety of lunch combinations and give a score. Scientifically seen a really small sample, but it certainly gives an indication to what we are served.

But what do you think, as visitor of this website, of the food on campus? Is it edible? Is it too expensive? Good enough for the price you pay? Is there room for improvement or is it satisfactory? In the poll, which you can find in the margin, you can give your vote. The question is simple: which is the best canteen? Of course the answer calls for an explanation which you can leave in the reaction space below this article. Preferably with some motivation.

The results of this poll and the taste test will be shared in the next Resource magazine which will appear on the 19th of May.