Organisation - May 3, 2016

Is the food on campus okay?

Roelof Kleis

Every day the canteens on campus are packed. So the food must be tasty. Or not? The editors of Resource are performing taste-tests these weeks. But what do you think?

This week Resource has four test panel members judging the campus canteens. It is about the canteens in Forum, Orion and the Leeuwenborch plus the Restaurant of the Future. Two students and two employees try a variety of lunch combinations and give a score. Scientifically seen a really small sample, but it certainly gives an indication to what we are served.

But what do you think, as visitor of this website, of the food on campus? Is it edible? Is it too expensive? Good enough for the price you pay? Is there room for improvement or is it satisfactory? In the poll, which you can find in the margin, you can give your vote. The question is simple: which is the best canteen? Of course the answer calls for an explanation which you can leave in the reaction space below this article. Preferably with some motivation.

The results of this poll and the taste test will be shared in the next Resource magazine which will appear on the 19th of May.

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  • Michael

    My rating: 1. Restaurant of the Future; 2. Orion; 3. Forum (never again!). I tried traditional Dutch boerenkool in Forum: sausage was hard to find in the mess of overcooked boerenkool. After all, I can hardly call it food, rather 'food'.

    Generally, I find food on Campus overpriced and prefer to take lunch with me. WUR can definitely learn from some universities in Finland (Joensuu, 2.35 - 2.50 euro per lunch), Sweden (Lund, 30-40 SEK = 3-4 euro per lunch), Switzerland (ETH/UZH, 3-5 CHF = 3-5 euro per lunch). Each lunch option includes a salad, a warm meal and a drink. All three countries are considered 'expensive', yet their universities find a way to provide poor students with cheap lunch.

  • puke

    Food from the univeristy is quite terrible. Forum I completely avoid after experiencing this 'food',

    Orion sometimes seems a bit better, but pasta with half an olive and tomato... the bad dough pizza with dry meat and mostly cheese... Pizza's from the freezer in any supermarket are better.

    I have no experience with Leeuwenborch or the Restaurant of the Future.

  • Real robber

    I love this discussion!
    Dutch people have absolutely no idea what good food is. Now that we're discussing the garbage which is served at the WUR canteens, the foreign students speak up and finally tell us the truth. They are absolutely right. The "food" is heavily overpriced (thanks to outsourcing catering to a third party) and is monotonous, unhealthy and barely suitable to feed the pigs. What we dare to serve as lunch would be considered a crime against humanity in most of the countries where our foreign students are coming from.
    I'd wish WUR would again itself take care of catering, listen to the desires of staff and students (who need to eat this) and serve food at a reasonable price.

  • Diana

    The food in the forum is very bad! It's very unhealthy and taste bad. When I have no time to pack lunch I eat at the restaurant of the future. The food there is quite good. There is a lot of choice, healthy meals and the taste is good. Price is also ok. However the soups there are full of starch and lack taste...
    I haven't tried other lunch facilities on the campus besides Forum and restaurant of the future.

  • Cecile dlf

    Food in the restaurant of the future is good and filling but the restaurant itself is too far on a short lunch break and many student don't know of it. Mostly all university restaurants lack choice and quality of a substancial main course. In the Netherlands it is custom to eat sandwiches for lunch but a lot of other nationalities on campus (french, spanish,italian....) eat warm meal espacially on cold winter days. Although efforts were made by integrating the chinese caterer (good food,good price and quantity) it is not entirely satisfying as we don't necessarely want chinese food every day.
    With all the space on campus i can't understand why the university do not open space for food trucks. Competition would keep prices low and students could vote for the trucks they want to keep control over the number and variety of truck on campus.

  • Ann

    Food at Forum is unhealthy and not tasty. Leeuwenborch and Orion are fine or at least have more options.

  • Karlina

    I have no complaints when it comes to the taste of the food. In forum, orion, and other canteens you can choose whether you want a relatively healthy or unhealthy meals at approximately the same price. Only one remark, the sandwich in the forum canteen is too expensive, especially after the price rose at the beginning of this year. Comparing the price with food outside the university, of course the campus canteen price is lower. Comparing the price, the taste, and the nutrition with your home-made food? You decide the answer! Take into account the convenience that comes with it, because most students are too lazy to prepare their meals.

  • Jim

    If you find the canteen too expensive, why don't you bring your own lunch then? I don't understand why people complain about that. They have a business that has to be profitable as well, they have to pay the people working here, so of course they can't give you a sandwich for 1,50 or so...

    However, what really annoys me is the fact that the time that the food is available is really short. When I want to get some food at 1.30, there is already almost no choice left, which is in my opinion quite a shame and also results in the fact that I almost never buy anything, because I'm never sure whether they still have what I want.

  • Realist

    To everyone complaining about the prices, do some calculation and tell me how their food prices could get any lower.

    To everyone complaining in general: eat somewhere else.

  • Jan

    In Forum and Orion Veggie options are really bad. Either it is healthy but you are still hungry afterwards or it is unhealthy.