Organisation - September 27, 2017

Interactive tour of campus with new app

Tessa Louwerens

WUR launched a new mobile application this week to assist students, employees and visitors around campus.

©Tessa Louwerens

The Wageningen Campus App can show you an interactive map with the various buildings, restaurants, car parks and bus stops. Or provide you with the latest news and a look at the agenda of events. ‘Most of this information is also available on our website, but with the app, the latest information is within reach even when you’re on the road’, says Sil Traas from Corporate Communications & Marketing. The app easily capitalises on actual events. ‘Take car park P4, for example, which is currently unavailable’, explains Traas. ‘The app can tell you right away and suggest other spots to park.’

The application is aimed at everyone on campus, including Friesland Campina, Aeres and the businesses in Plus Ultra. According to Traas, the information is not only useful for new people. ‘Colleagues who have worked here for a while also often tell me how useful such an app would be. There are so many buildings on campus now, people sometimes simply have a hard time finding their way.’

Wageningen University & Research has developed quite a few apps in the past years. Tomorrow’s Resource will highlight some of those.

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