News - September 10, 2009

Installing the extractor fan

It was a hot summer. Bit of sun, bit of holiday, and now I'm a fourth year and autumn's in the air.A fourth year already. I can still remember the first time I walked into Van Hall Larenstein Velp, and was amazed by the vast aula. A year later I was in the Forum in Wageningen and Velp suddenly seemed small. Then again, since I started the Velp aula has had a facelift to the tune of over one million euros, a new 'forum' is in the pipeline, and Wageningen researchers have bagged three Spinoza prizes. Years have gone by, but our kitchen still doesn't have an extractor fan.

At least, not one that's up and running. There is a hideous one that was free on Markplaats and has stayed under the sofa ever since it was collected. The previous owner's cooking fat is still on it.
I don't know what the problem is. My lazy flatmates who get as far as searching on Markplaats but refuse to put the thing up? A heavy course load that makes it practically impossible to find time to hang up extractor fans? Or not enough need: the whole house eats next door? No, perhaps the reason lies with me. I do find time to grouse about the white peril, but not to hang it up. How ludicrous is that? I take a big detour around it every day, and it hasn't once occurred to me to get to work. A classic problem of collective responsibility. Exactly why the oceans are being plundered and the climate is changing.
What if I took some initiative?  Picked up a drill and had a go.  For sure, a handy flatmate will come along, first make suggestions and then take over. 'It's less work than trying to explain something to you, Stijn.' The thing would be installed in no time.  A better kitchen begins with myself! /Stijn van Gils