Student - March 2, 2018

InDiePub offers starting bands a stage

Anne van der Heijden

An additional wave of live music will hit our city in the next five months. On five occasions – each first week of the month – starting rock and indie bands will be given a stage at InDiePub, a new initiative by the Popcultuur Wageningen foundation.

A student performing during Wageningen Got Talent. © Sven Menschel

The first session will take place on 8 March in café Loburg. Two bands from Nijmegen will be performing.

Popcultuur Wageningen is a voluntary body – mainly run by WUR students – that organises musical events in collaboration with local cafés and associations. Earlier such events included Quiet is the new loud and Popronde. ‘We attract a large audience, mostly students. We are rather happy with that’, says Hannah Olthof, a Wageningen student in Organic Agriculture who is active for Popcultuur.

Musical talent
‘We want to provide musical talent with a stage to express their creativity’, says Melanie van den Bosch, former WUR student and now assistant researcher, who also helps organise InDiePub. According to her, there was a lack of possibilities for rock and indie bands to make their sound heard in Wageningen. ‘We want to provide opportunities to all sorts of musicians, not just singer-songwriters.’

The bands who are invited for InDiePub are preferably regional but are primarily chosen based on their music. The bands who will kick off the evenings on 8 March are You Should Get To Know Us and Foxlane. Foxlane’s drummer, Joris van der Veeken, is following the master’s programme Food Quality Management in Wageningen. It is not yet known who the bands on the following InDiePub nights will be, and the dates have not been set either. Bands who are interested can (and should) send their music to the Popcultuur Wageningen foundation.

Original music
‘We will soon be listening to music together to get some ideas for the next InDiePub. The only actual requirement is that bands play original music – their own songs, not covers’, Van den Bosch explains. ‘If InDiePub becomes a success, we could organise it more often, and in the forthcoming years as well.’

Do you know of or have an eligible band or suitable location for InDiePub? Please contact the organisation by sending them an email at