News - August 24, 2005

Impressions of Wageningen

‘I’ve learned some Dutch already’
Probably one of the fittest people walking around during sports day at De Bongerd is Chinese student Wang Hao Ran (22); he got off to a late start for the introduction. ‘I only arrived yesterday in Wageningen, as there were some problems with my ticket.’ Having finished his bachelors in Environmental Sciences in another Dutch city, Leeuwarden, Hao Ran (24) will now continue with his masters in Wageningen. ‘My first impression of Wageningen was the quietness. Even people on the street are quiet. That should make it a good place for studying.’ Hao Ran is planning to make up for his late start. ‘I like to party and drink a few beers. This week I’ll follow the programme and hope to meet many international students. This is new to me, especially all the different languages. I want to get to know more of them. I’ve already learned a bit of Dutch.’

‘Fried food didn’t go down too well’
Yu Li (23) is sitting with her group on the grass at the sports park De Bongerd. She arrived from China three days ago, and it is her first time in Wageningen. ‘I find it beautiful here, very special, like a fairytale.’ In September she starts a masters in Management, Economics and Consumer Studies. ‘After graduation I am planning to go back to my hometown. Till then, I’ll do my best to learn as much as possible.’ Unfortunately, Li missed the party yesterday due to the European food. ‘I had some Dutch fried food, but it didn’t go down so well.’ As soon as Li feels better she will join the group and the activities full-time again. ‘Then I can enjoy it all a little bit more.’ Besides her group mates, she has some Chinese friends who have been in Wageningen longer, and they are helping her getting to know Wageningen. ‘Also I bought a bike and I want to look around in the town. I want to get to know the system here and learn about customs of different nationalities. I am hoping to make many friends during my time in Wageningen.’

‘Much bigger than I thought’
Wibke Roland (22) is dancing with her group mates in front of the Studio Z stand: ‘My first impression of Wageningen is that it is much bigger than I had expected.’ Roland is from Germany and has come for the masters in Food Technology. ‘Later in life I want to work, but also enjoy life.’ For now, Roland is enjoying the introduction days in Wageningen. ‘Last night I went to bed at three and woke up early.’ With her essentials – keys, money and cigarettes – she plans to dance through the whole week. ‘I want to get to know more people during the introduction days,’ she says. ‘My plans? Drinking more beer!’ / LH