News - March 26, 2015

Impact guru gone to Amsterdam

Roelof Kleis

Information specialist Wouter Gerritsma, the godfather of citation analysis at Wageningen UR, has left. From now on, he will be doing his calculations at the VU University Amsterdam.

Over the past 15 years at Wageningen’s library, Gerritsma has grown into a leading expert in the field of citation analysis, impact measurement and publication strategies. Citation analysis is an important element in the tenure track, which was introduced in 2009. External reviews now also involve a citation report. Gerritsma always used to compile those reports and he became the go-to person for queries in this area. His fellow information specialists voted him Information Professional of the Year in 2007. Nowadays, everyone at WUR can conjure up citation analyses on their computer with just a few clicks thanks to Gerritsma’s pioneering work. Gerritsma: ‘The numbers tell the tale. Citation analysis is a good instrument for supporting the argument that a publication strategy works.’ Gerritsma will be setting up a similar system in Amsterdam.