Student - November 6, 2013

Idealis to build new student accommodation

Linda van der Nat

A total of 162 student units are going to be built on the corner of the Lawickse Allee and the Rooseveltweg. Idealis will start on the construction of Lawickse Hof in 2014, according to an announcement.

The building will have 118 self-contained rooms, 28 rooms with shared facilities and 16 flats. ‘We expect students will be able to start living there in the 2015-2016 academic year,’ says Sylvie Deenen, the new Idealis director. ‘The new rooms will be in a great location: walking distance from the town centre and within easy reach of the campus.’

The design for Lawickse Hof is based on the nineteenth-century buildings lining the Lawickse Allee. The building will get bay windows along the front and the facades will be painted in different colours.

The construction has suffered big delays.  At the end of 2012, Idealis postponed all its investment decisions due to uncertainty about the cabinet’s policy plans. The student accommodation provider said it was concerned that the proposed rent rules in combination with a new landlord levy would be too much of a burden on the budget. But part of the cabinet’s plans were scrapped in the housing sec­tor agreement reached in February this year. This meant there was room again for new projects.

For instance, the housing accommodation provider is expecting to be able to start soon on the construction of 149 student units on the Nobelweg. Idealis is also making a list with the university and municipality of all the possible locations for housing students in the short or long term, whether temporarily or perma­nently. In this context, Idealis is also looking at the options for temporary accommodation in the Computechnion building at the Dreijen.  LvdN