News - March 22, 2016

Idealis is moving to campus

Linda van der Nat

The student housing organization Idealis hopes to move to campus from mid-July. The first floor of nexus, across from Campus Plaza, will be renovated.

Idealis is currently located at Duivendaal, where the administration centre of the University used to be. ‘A beautiful building with large rooms, according to Hellen Albers, ‘but it is also quite large for us. Moreover, working on three floors does not encourage collaboration.’

Additionally, Idealis wants to have its customers close. Albers: ‘Previously we followed the University to the Costerweg, now we are doing that again to the campus. We want to be accessible for the students and hope that this will make it easier for them to step inside.’

The student housing organization will also adjust their opening hours, says Albers. ‘Students want to visit us outside of lecture times. So we need to be there at those moments.’

Besides Idealis also the vaccination centre, the student doctors and psychologists are located in Nexus. Also the Expat Center is present in this building.