News - October 4, 2007

ISOW party: sunshine on a rainy day

The minute you entered Unitas last Saturday, 29 September, it was clear that the sun was shining even though it was miserable and wet outside. The ISOW Brazilian party lived up to its name.

A student gives a <em>capoeira</em> demonstration during the ISOW Brazilian party last weekend.
The evening started with a traditional Brazilian meal, feijoada, a dish of beans with meat and rice and of course a veggie alternative. A large group then joined the first workshop to learn the forró a Brazilian dance. Not only loose-hipped South Americans took to the dance floor; some Dutch students also did their best, concentrating on swinging to the music.
‘ISOW parties are always great. The workshops bring the whole student community together and music gets people going. I hope in future more Dutch students will come to these parties,' said Brigitte Tochtema a Dutch student doing an MSc in nutrition and health. The evening continued with a capoeira demonstration, a traditional fight-dance.
According to board member Edwin Zea Escamilla, ISOW is still regarded in Wageningen as a club for international students. ‘But we’re here for Dutch students too, we aim to be a truly international association. Nearly every year there are several Dutch students on our board. We are different from other organisations, as anyone is welcome to organise whatever their creativity inspires them to do. I would call on everyone who has a good idea to come and talk to us – we are open to all ideas.’
By eleven the dance floor was packed as the DJ took over with South American beats. The only thing missing during the evening were Brazilian temperatures, but the Latin vibes made up for the cold.