Organisation - February 12, 2015


Roelof Kleis

‘The middle of nowhere, just around the corner’

Ineke Leenders, student psychologist
Gerard Heuvelink, statistician at Soil Geography and Landscape

Hiking in the rugged Scottish highlands. Ineke Leenders and her partner Gerard Heuvelink have made a sport of it. It’s called Munro-bagging. The attempt to conquer all 282 mountains of over 3000 feet. It has become quite an addiction. ‘It makes you greedy. I already start missing the mountains when I’m sitting in the plane on the way home. Yes, it is often wet and misty. ‘But when you are at the top, even if you can’t see a thing, you’ve still made it. A quick photo as evidence. Another summit: their 62nd. Only 220 to go.