News - May 24, 2012

I don't need student psychologist anymore

Two weeks ago, for the first time, I met the student psychologist, and I hope that was my last time to see her.

The three student psychologists you can turn to when you are in need.
My curiosity about that service was aroused by an article in Resource about study pressure of international students: they said it helped. I decided to resort to the psychologists as I was under some pressure at work. I got their reply after one working day. The appointment was postponed to three weeks after my request, due to the sickness of the psychologist, nevertheless I still was impressed by their speedy response.
Actually, I should have cancelled the meeting because my pressure was largely gone after the jolly Queen's Day and Liberation Day; but because I still hoped to receive some useful advices from the psychologist, I attended on time in the morning of May 7.
It was a pleasant talk: she listened to my problem patiently, and objectively analyzed it. After the conversation, however, I was a bit disappointed because I didn't get any concrete advice for a solution.
In retrospect, I asked myself three questions. First, since Monday is the tone-setting time for the whole week, is it a proper day to recall some past unhappy memories? Second, what caused my disappointment? My over-expectation on the psychologist? Thirdly, as a student with a different culture, how can I make sure my situation clearly explained to an Dutch psychologist? I can't answer all these questions, but thinking of them helps me realize that maybe at most she is just a listener, not the mighty savior: I should have not counted too much on her.
Anyway, it's a worthy experience to me, I especially appreciate her wrap-up encouragement: 'to stay who you are, to be yourself'. It enlightened me that maybe I don't need any psychologist at all, I'm already the best one to myself.
Vid of the week: Can our university hire some psychologists like the one in this clip?