News - September 1, 2011

'Humiliating initiation'

Wim (surname known to the editor)
Father of a former would-be member of KSV student society.
His son has had enough of the initiations and has ditched the whole thing.

Not your son's cup of tea then, a student society?
'After a humiliating initiation which he refused to put up with, my son walked out. I'm wondering if these initiators got warped themselves during their own initiation, and now need to take it out on others in this way. Or is it something scarier than that?'
What sort of humiliations are we talking about then?
Going through the KSV building on your knees, being screamed at incessantly, not being allowed to look people in the eye, having to eat dry bread while your own packed lunch is eaten in front of your eyes. When he also got daubed with paint he'd had enough.'
Are you going to take this any further?
'They're none of them matters that you'd go to the police about, but it's definitely not what you would wish for in a social student society. I do want the 65 euros back to make up for the injustice. The amount hasn't been transferred out of my bank account yet, so we're going to block that.'
Could we just talk to your son briefly about the initiation?
'Our son doesn't want to respond, he just wants to forget about it as quickly as possible. And he had to sign something to do with secrecy - what a bunch of boy scouts.'