Student - January 18, 2019

Hugging against loneliness

Luuk Zegers

Students ask attention for feelings of loneliness and depression amongst students by organising Wurld Free Hug Day on January 21st in Forum. During lunchtime, a team of huggers will be ready to help everyone who feels like hugging.

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Sergi Domenech (23) and Suzy Rebisz (24) are two of the four organizers of the hug-event. But the hugging-team is bigger than the four master students: there will be at least ten huggers present at the event. ‘The goal is to foster a sense of unity,’ says Domenech. ‘Everybody is welcome.’

The students want to break the social taboo on feelings of loneliness and depression. Rebisz: ‘It is scientifically proven that hugging weakens negative feelings. Of course one Hug Day is not going to solve that, but we see it as a contribution to a better social connection with each other. Based on the reactions we get, we will discuss follow-up possibilities.’

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