News - March 22, 2012

Hearsay from the Catshuis: basic student grant axed

A vague rumour is all there is to it, but we are bringing it up because it is plausible and of interest to students. The Nijmegen student newsletter ANS has heard from a 'reliable source' that the prime minister's team will axe the basic grant for BSc students.

The Algemeen Nijmeegs Studentenblad reports: 'Following the debate on the future of higher education held yesterday evening in LUX, our source overheard a conversation between two very well-informed participants. One of them had apparently told the other literally that he had heard that a decision has been made in the Catshuis (residence of the Dutch Prime Minister) to replace the basic student grant in the Bachelor's phase with a loan. Even the amount which the cabinet would save was mentioned: 1 billion euros. This tallies with the total of the cost-savings reported earlier: 800 million euros for the basic student grant and 200 million euros for the public transport smart card. The Association of Universities in the Netherlands says it is not aware of this development.'
Much has been written about scrapping the basic Bachelor's student grant. This has often been brought up as a possible cost-saving measure. Moreover, this is a direct saving and just what the government now needs.