News - September 5, 2016

Harvard professor Juma cancels speech Wageningen

Vincent Koperdraat

Harvard professor Calestous Juma is not able to travel to Wageningen says press agent Karin Hommen of Wageningen UR. Juma was invited by the university to be a guest speaker at the opening of the academic year.

Karin Hommen says Juma had to cancel because of personal circumstances. The Harvard professor was to be the headliner of the opening of the academic year. He was going to give a speech on people's resistance to new technology.

Juma was supposed to arrive in Wageningen on Sunday and give a preview of his lecture at the Impulse building on the same day. Instead of attending, Juma gave the preview through Skype says Hommen. The lecture at the opening of the academic year is cancelled entirely.

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