News - September 1, 2011

Happy Crash

'Shocking!' was the reaction of many in the Gelderlander newspaper's online opinion poll. 'Is this really art?'

The artist surrounded by the artworks destined for crashing.
 Apparently we still don't think anything goes, even in this post-modern era, and some people feel Paul Dunki Jacobs's project has crossed a boundary. So what is he actually going to do? On Sunday 11 September he will be throwing one hundred of his own paintings from the Forum building, an act he calls 'Happy Crash'. If you want, you can apply for one of the artworks and take it home after the performance. Or at least, what's left of it. According to Jacobs, the damage is an integral part of the artwork. After all, the post-crash canvas is no longer simply a painting, it's a painting with a story. And it is purely coincidence that the project is planned for 11 September, precisely ten years after the not-so-happy crash in New York. Actually, the 'story' is now getting longer as the artist is no longer sure whether he can use the Forum building. But the performance will definitely take place 'using whatever building is available, and including music and drinks'. Everyone is welcome.
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