News - April 4, 2019

Green party the big winner on campus

Albert Sikkema

Voting patterns in the Provincial Council elections on campus diverged strongly from the national trend. While the far-right Forum for Democracy was the biggest winner in the Netherlands as a whole, in the Forum building it was GroenLinks (the Green Left) – by a big margin.

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In Wageningen as a whole too, GroenLinks got the most votes on 20 March, but the party was even more popular on the campus (see table). Forum for Democracy was less popular on campus than in the rest of Wageningen.

A total of 1837 votes were cast at the voting booths in the Forum on 20 March. Overall in Wageningen, 18,618 votes were cast in the Provincial Council elections That is a much higher turnout than in 2015: 66 percent as opposed to 58 per cent.