News - February 17, 2017

Green Active Network wants to be seen

Jessica Bernard

Green Active Network, the platform for all green associations in Wageningen, wants to be seen this year. It has a new coordinator and several events in the pipeline, which aim to realise sustainable practices on the campus.

All organisations tied to Green Active Network (Photo: Mirjam Turk)

Green Active Network (GAN) is a platform that offers opportunities for sustainability minded students and professionals to come together. The network is a common avenue for the 16 green associations which are part of it to coordinate events, enhance outreach and combine sustainable initiatives.

The network was started four years ago and consisted of two-monthly Meet & Mingles between the organizations. From 2015, the network has broadened its scope with elaborate communication and outreach structures. In the Green Action and Green Ideas Café, people from different organizations thought together on how to make Wageningen University more green. In the beginning of the academic year, the Regreening weekend took place, a weekend for new students to get to know the green scene in Wageningen. A few months ago, the organizations met again to discuss the structure of the network, and the idea of appointing a coordinator was born.

Mirjam Turk, who just took charge as the new coordinator of GAN, has big plans. She is a first-year student of International development studies and her passion for and interest in global development and sustainability led her to take up this role. Mirjam aims to bring in greater visibility for GAN on campus. In March there are two events planned, among which a meeting and dinner around Earth Hour.