Student - May 1, 2015

Fundraising for Nepal

Koen Guiking

Nepalese students and PhD candidates in Wageningen are raising money to help the earthquake victims in their country of birth. A Crisis Mapping course and a Movie Night are some of the fundrasing activities they are organising.

On Friday 1 May, the Nepalese Student Society Wageningen (NSSW) are meeting with rector Martin Kropff and the mayor of Wageningen in the Gaia building. The rector and mayor will show their empathy with the Nepalese community in Wageningen. The students also hope to discuss what the university and municipality can offer to help organise the fundraising activities.

NSSW is still looking for a location to have the movie night, for instance. The short course Crisis Mapping just needs to be promoted, says Arun Kumar Pratihast, a PhD student at the Department of Geo-information and remote sensing. 'The tutorial for the course is ready. It was developed to raise funds after the tsunami in Japan. That time we also gave a course.' The course for Nepal is on 6 May between 17:00 and 20:00 in Gaia. 'People will learn how to map a region based on an existing database full of pictures. And we will make sure that there are pizzas  and drinks,' says Arun.

Immediately after the earthquake the Nepalese Student Society Wageningen started raising money. At the flea market at King's Day they raised almost € 700. Colleagues of Nepalese PhD candidates also immediately donated money. First, the money was collected in the private bank account of the treasurer of NSSW, but in the meantime a special account has been opened for these gifts: the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund. A poster with the bank account number (see above) is distributed in several buildings on Wageningen Campus. All the money raised will be transferred to the Prime Minister Disaster Relief Fund in Nepal.

Other people of the Wageningen UR community are also fundraising for Nepal. The student party S & I, for example, will be selling sandwiches for charity on 5 May.

Today is also the national day of action in the Netherlands, where civilians are asked to donate money to various aid organisations. The fundraiser is known as Giro 555.

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