News - December 1, 2005

Front page

The photo on the front page of this Wb shows former rector Professor Bert Speelman unveiling a portrait of himself. Speelman was succeeded by Professor Martin Kropff in September, but Tuesday 22 November was his official farewell ceremony. Those making speeches included an old colleague of Speelman from the executive board, Cees Veerman, who is now minister of agriculture. Veerman encouraged Wageningen UR to cherish the ‘family relations’ with the ministry of agriculture. A century of collaboration between farmers, ministry and scientists has led to an agricultural sector that many countries are envious of. ‘Dutch agricultural exports earn us so much that we can afford to take our holidays abroad. Think about that when you buy your lettuce. You are saving for your skiing holiday.’ Speelman did not refrain from criticism in his farewell speech, indicating that he felt that distance had arisen between himself and executive board chairman Aalt Dijkhuizen. / KV