Organisation - February 5, 2016

From April everyone a smartphone

Rob Ramaker

Wageningen UR will receive a new telephone exchange and provider starting from April. With that the fixed telephone – nearly – belongs to the past.

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In the course of March employees will receive a SIM card of the new provider T-Mobile to which they will be switched on 7 April. Everyone will keep their own number(s). Two weeks afterwards everyone who still calls with a fixed phone or old-fashioned phone will receive a smartphone. Employees have  until 7 February to choose a device. Only in exceptional cases will people keep their fixed phones.

In practice 2400 of the eight thousand employees still have a fixed phone. Moreover, it is estimated that still 1000 to 1200 people have an outdated mobile phone. Throughout the whole institution there are another 1400 fixed phones that belong to a room, also these will be replaced. Devices will be placed installed withSkype for Business.

In practice 2400 of the eight thousand employees still have a fixed phone

Skype for Business replaces the telephone exchange. The program will be integrated in outlook so that employees can indicate their presence and plan call appointments. Calling is then also possible with the computer, tablet or other appliances. ‘Skype for Business will automatically be installed on the computer’, says project leader Gerbert van Tilborg. Although he still expresses some reservations. ‘We are still testing it.’

Among scientists the free Skype is used frequently for (video) conversations with colleagues abroad. Skype for Business should allow the users more possibilities, especially to have meetings online. Participants can keep live polls, can draw on the same piece of draft paper and show PowerPoint presentations. It is also possible to share running programs.  

Skype for Business is also usable with colleagues at other institutions who have purchased it.

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