News - July 20, 2016

Free sport classes at the Bongerd during WURlympics

Students and employees of the university can sport for free at sports complex the Bongerd during the WURlympics. They are held from 5th until the 18th of August in the sports facilities on the campus.

Photo: Ronald van Drie

The Bongerd sees the WURlympics as an opportunity to gain awareness for the sports classes at the sports complex, says manager Annemieke Dijkstra. The Bongerd has opened up it's clinics to all students and employees who are linked with Wageningen UR. 'We want to make it more appealing for people to swing by and getting to know us. It's the start of the new academic year and this is an opportunity for people who haven't bought sports rights, to see what it's like to sport at our facilities during those two weeks.’ The sports rights cost 94 euros for students the get them for a year.

People can follow and watch the olympics every day for two weeks at the Bongerd during the WURlimpics, from noon to eleven o'clock in the evening. The canteen at the sports complex also has a special menu during the Olympic Games.

To participate in the open classes and clinics, a signing-up procedure has to be followed on the website of the Bongerd. The option to sign up is available a week before the WURlympics and you can find the list of sports in the sports schedule tab on the webpage. You can sign up here starting the 29th of July.