News - June 16, 2015

Forum bridge gets pedestrian strip

Rob Ramaker

The Forum bridge will get a pedestrian strip between June 22 and July 21. This should make the bridge safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

Photo: Students perform experiments on the Forum bridge this week (which, moreover have nothing to do with the adjustments to the bridge).

During the construction work the bridge is closed and cyclists will have to make a detour via the Thymospath or the cycle path along the bus lane.

Beginning 2014 the bridge was closed for a longer period of time after several falls. Since then a new anti-slip surface has been placed that has to prevent slips and falls. To increase the safety there will be a separated lane for pedestrians, says Elike Wijnheijmer, policy employee at the Facility Management.

The measure is part of a plan to separate cyclists and pedestrians on campus. There will be no binding rules for this, says Wijnheijmer, but each route must visually convey that it is primarily intended for pedestrians (half paved yellow paths) or cyclists (asphalt). Possibly this fall already, additional yellow paths will be constructed, says Wijnheijmer.