News - November 8, 2018

First residents of Maltings get the key

Luuk Zegers

The first residents of the Maltings on the Churchillweg got the keys to their rooms last week.

Idealis director Sylvie Deenen and a few residents at the Maltings. Photo Idealis.

A total of 176 students are going to live in the new student residence. There are 10 units with 10 rooms apiece, 2 units with 12 furnished rooms, 28 single studios with their own kitchen and bathroom, and two ‘combi rooms’. The accommodation is low-energy and there are solar panels on the roof.

The 10-room units were extremely popular, says Sylvie Deenen, director of student housing provider Idealis. ‘These rooms are spacious and affordable, with rents of between 300 and 350 euros. Students were allowed to apply for these units as a group, and they did so in large numbers.’

The second part of the student residence will be ready on 1 December. The official opening will take place in the spring.