Organisation - May 11, 2016

First researchers move to Helix

Rob Ramaker

Monday the first chair group Toxicology moved to the new building Helix on Wageningen campus. Mid July the whole move should be completed.

The completion of the building was delayed several times in the past year due to problems with the air system.

After this delay it is now a relief for the Toxicology group that the run-up is now over. ‘We finally started moving’, says Hans van den Berg, employee research and education for Toxicology. He expects that the chair group will need three days to move. The whole process – including the tidying up and the new approval of the machines – will however take a couple of weeks.

We finally started moving
Hans van den Berg

Aside from Toxicology another eight chair groups and the NMR centre will move to the campus. Mid July all researchers of the Dreiien terrain will move to Wageningen campus. Only the largest NMR device will remain at the old venue. A couple of buildings will be used for education starting from September. The university wants to deal with the growing number of students in this way.

The delay resulted in a loss of 2.4 million euro. Wageningen UR is going to charge the constructors for most of it.

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  • Agrotechnion bewoner

    Welke gebouwen worden er straks gebruikt voor onderwijs? Mag toch hopen dat het agrotechnion tegelijk met het biotechnion tegen de vlakte gaat..

    • Gerben

      Ik meen dat vooral Scheikundegebouw en Transitorium op de Dreijen voor onderwijs in gebruik blijven. Volgens mij wordt voorlopig het Agrotechnion nog niet afgebroken. Ik ben wel benieuwd wat er met de ruimte waar nu nog het Biotechnion staat gaat gebeuren.

  • Opgelucht

    "Opluchting" goede woordkeuze!