News - September 30, 2015

First awarded diploma for MSc Track Entrepreneurship

Linda van der Nat

Jacqueline Ulen is the first to complete the MSc Track Entrepreneurship. Therefore, during her graduation the plant science student not only received her Master diploma, but also a special certificate.

This new track is being offered by the university since last year. It is specially designed for students that not only want to be strong in the scientific side of their chosen study, but also want to have knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship. Examples are seeing and realizing opportunities, intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship in a team and sustainable entrepreneurship. This is exactly the reason that Jacqueline chose to follow the master track, she explained. ‘I am good at research, but I am not a researcher pur sang. I wanted to broaden, develop qualities that remain underexposed during the study. Because entrepreneurship was not part of my study, I used my optional courses to follow the track.’

Until last year the university had single subjects about entrepreneurship, but there was no coherent program, says Thomas Lans, university teacher and coordinator of the track. While in the university and from the labour market there is a demand to combine substantive knowledge with entrepreneurship. Lans: ‘See the examples of Startlife, StartHub, and Climate-KIC. This track was a logical addition. It also fits in well with the ideas of the university to create impact.’ The students that sign up for this track follow substantive courses, receive ACT assignments and follow an internship at a company.

From the moment the track was started it was already popular. Ulen was one of the thirty students, of different studies, that signed up. They are all ambitious, and that is exactly the type of student that the track wants to attract, says Lans. ‘We want that students evidently choose for such a track. Entrepreneurship requires preparation. Many students following the track want to use their scientific knowledge for a start-up.  Sustainable entrepreneurship is very popular. The track is designed to facilitate students in their ambitions; for example we help the students with expanding their network.’

But the MSc Track Entrepreneurship is also meant for students that enjoy working within a company to bring innovation and renewal. ‘Such companies are looking for students that can combine substantive knowledge and entrepreneurship,’ says Lans. It does not surprise him that Jacqueline received a job offer from her internship company. ‘That can only make you proud.’