Student - November 18, 2015

First anniversary Starthub

Rob Ramaker

Starthub, the incubartor for startups of students, is celebrating their first birthday. The meeting place for businesses in the former Triton building wants to stimulate the entrepreneurship among students.

From left to right: Suradj Hiralal, Jill Soedarso, Jannet de Jong and Thom van Stralen.

The student government of Starthub and incubation manager Jannet de Jong are celebrated their anniversary around lunch time with cake and prosecco. The rest of the afternoon however was in light of entrepreneurship. About seventy students, business owners and business people were a guest at the so called leancamp, a meeting with short brainstorm sessions where participants determine the agenda. Eventually the leancamp needs to ensure new ideas and contacts. Topic of this edition was nutrition and IT.

Student entrepreneurs receive a whole package from the Starthub to help them start up. For example they receive working space, supervision and they become part of a network of sympathizers. After the first year six start-ups are renting space in Starthub for 100 euro per month. Included are trade in tropical seeds (Onszaden) and a company that develops sensors to monitor plant growth (Sigrow). Also about one hundred students are member. With which they can profit from information about entrepreneurship without a concrete business plan.

In Resource number 7 there was a protret of Starthub