News - March 27, 2012

Fire in Dijkgraaf flat

Fire broke out at 3 pm this afternoon in the student apartment block on Dijkgraaf in Wageningen. One person was injured. An hour later, the heavily equipped fire brigade announced that the fire was under control.

The cause of the fire is still unknown. It was limited to one room on the fourth floor. All that was visible of the fire outside the room was a smoke trail and a smell of rubber. But the fire brigade, which quickly brought the fire under control, had arrived with a lot of equipment at the 'star flat' because of a fear that the fire would spread to the floors above. The flat has 18 floors.
The fire had broken out in a room next to the kitchen a corridor on the 4th floor. Its female occupant was taken to the hospital with light (suspected to be first degree) burns, according to a spokesperson at the fire brigade. He also reported that nine other rooms on the same floor are temporarily unsuitable for occupation because of heat and smoke damages. The fire brigade has installed smoke ventilators and is monitoring carbon monoxide levels. Students may enter again as soon as it is safe again.
Students whose rooms cannot be occupied for the time being will get emergency shelter.  Idealis and the municipality are involved together in finding a solution.