Organisation - March 30, 2016

Financing Imares in Yerseke complete

Albert Sikkema

The financing of the branch of Imares in Zeeland Yerseke is complete. On Tuesday the municipality Reimerswaal signed the agreement with Imares, who will receive a grant of 100.000 euro the coming five years. This was reported by Imares-director Martin Scholten.

< Photo: the current accommodation of Imares in Yerseke>

Imares, part of Wageningen UR, will retain a downsized station with fourteen employees in Zeeland for research for the shellfish sector. The coming five years the ministry of Economy will spend about half a million euro a year on legal research assignments (WOT) in the Zeeland research. Aside from this, five organisations of the shellfish and fishing sector will collect half a million euro the coming five years. Moreover, the branch delta-research will carry on with research for Rijkswaterstaat.

The research money for the branch will partially be used for research to the value creation of substandard fish for the cutter fishers, in response to the obligation to port. The other part will go to research on pathogens in the oyster farming, including oyster borer, Scholten shares. And for the mussel sector the branch is looking for ways to increase the production per hectare.

Scholten signed the covenant on Tuesday with the municipality of Reimerswaal, province Zeeland and the concerned shellfish and fisheries organizations about the research programme. The financers will be involved through a steering group. Imares will be located in a new industrial complex in Yerseke.