News - October 20, 2018

Fewer new members with the larger associations; Argo still most popular

Luuk Zegers

Various Wageningen associations have seen the numbers of new members dwindle. KSV Franciscus had 192 new members last year against only 123 this year. Ceres inflow decreased from 173 to 135. Nji-Sir sets a new record with 58 new members: the number of new members has never been so high since the association returned to Wageningen.

Introduction to Argo © Marte Hofsteenge

Rowing association Argo did not diminish in popularity. ‘We can only accept a certain  number of new members’, explains secretary of Argo Marlies Koerts. Out of 320 registrations during the AID, only 250 could start. Those who were accepted are introduced to Argo during a six-week period. During that time, they are taught about boat practice, container practice and ergometer practice. ‘Out of those 250, 215 became members.’

KSV Franciscus saw a decline from 192 to 123 – 36 percent. Chair Dirk van Besouw takes a broader look at the decline. ‘in 2017-2018, we had an absurd number of new members, and there was a significant peak between 2014 and 2017. We currently reside in a low. But the same is happening with the other associations.’ According to Van Besouw, the exact cause is difficult to determine. ‘Perhaps we have fewer registrations due to the gastroenteritis outbreak during the AID? Or it could be because of the housing shortage?’ But he does not worry. ‘I do have faith that we will remain a healthy association.’

SSR-W satisfied; Nji-Sri proud
Despite the number of new members at SSR-W being somewhat lower than last year, vice-chair Robbert Boers is satisfied. ‘112 is a great figure. It is a bit under SSR-W’s average, but it’s all about the active members. That cannot be measured.’ Nji-Sri has made a leap forward. Eveline Massop, secretary of External Affairs, is proud. ‘This year, we inaugurated 58 new members. This is the highest since we returned to Wageningen.’ Nji-Sri was established in Wageningen in 1904, but moved to Deventer with the Middelbare Koloniale Landbouwschool in 1912. In 2006, the association returned to Wageningen.

Number of new members at Wageningen associations
2018/19 2017/18 2016/17
WSR Argo 215 210 237
Ceres 135 173 192
KSV Franciscus 123 192 163
SSR-W 112 122 130
Nji-Sri 58 42 54
NSW Navigators 47 52 60
Unitas 45 57 70

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