Student - May 29, 2019

Fewer first-year preliminary registrations in Wageningen

Albert Sikkema

In the coming academic year, Wageningen University may attract fewer first-year bachelor’s students than last year. The number of preliminary registrations for bachelor’s programmes by mid-May was five percent lower than in the same period last year.

© Guy Ackermans

According to an overview from Studielink, the most significant difference is in the registrations of Dutch students. So far, their numbers have dropped by 150 to almost 1,700 preliminary registrations. This is offset by an increase in European students by 50. The Biology and Food Technology programmes are especially dropping relative to last year, with an alarming 50 percent fewer preliminary registrations. On the other hand, the Environmental Sciences programme is up by 45 percent, and the Molecular Life Sciences programme also seems to be growing in the coming academic year.

Relatively fewer
All in all, Wageningen currently stands at a decrease of five percent. This means that WUR attracts relatively fewer students than the other Dutch universities, based on the preliminary registrations. Taken together, the thirteen universities attract one percent more first-year students.

These figures are based on the registrations so far. In these calculations, prospective students who register for three programmes, for example, count as a one-third registration for each of the programmes.