News - June 10, 2010

Femke favourite at ESG

Almost half the environmental scientists at Wageningen UR vote Groen Links (Green Socialist Party). If it's up to the ESG (Environmental Sciences Group) Femke Halsema gets to reside in 'the tower' (the prime minister's office).

That is the outcome of the shadow elections organized by the ESG Personnel Association.
The results show that the ESG are a predominantly left-wing bunch. Groen Links (44% of all votes) is followed by PvdA (Labour Party, 20%), and D66 (Democrats, 13%). Together they've raked in a good three quarters of the votes. The VVD (Conservatives, 7%) is the 'best of the rest'. The PVV (Freedom Party) got a mere two votes. A total of 109 members of ESG cast their vote.