Student - July 2, 2020

Extinction Rebellion protests in Atlas against arrival Upfield

Luuk Zegers

A group of some twenty students protested the intended arrival of Upfield in Atlas on 2 July.

The students held a sit-in protest in Atlas’ Atrium. © Resource

The activists are disappointed by the intended arrival of Upfield on campus, and the university’s lack of transparency. They handed three demands to spokesperson Simon Vink. The activists demand more transparency about the ethical guidelines the university follows in collaborating with businesses in the private sector. Moreover, they want students and employees to have a greater say in the collaborations the university enters into. The ‘rebels’ feel this merits a dialogue.

Tomorrow we will publish an interview with initiator Malik Dasoo.

© Resource

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  • Theo

    Volgens mij wil Upfield hier komen juist om duurzamer te kunnen gaan werken. Zouden ze dus juist moeten stimuleren en blij moeten zijn. Maar nee, gaan ze met een miniscuul groepje protesteren.

  • sjomp

    Dat zitten de nieuwe Volker van de Graafjes

  • Ries.

    Verkoop Unilever de verkooptak voeding aan Upfield…..