News - May 8, 2019

Extinction Rebellion organizes climate march in Wageningen

Luuk Zegers

Extinction Rebellion (XR) organizes a climate march from the campus to the Wageningen municipality on Friday, May 17. The aim of the march is to get the university and the city into action, says Malik Dasoo from XR. ‘Awareness alone is not enough. It is time for more urgent measures.’

Extinction Rebellion climate march in London © Shutterstock

A climate march in climate-conscious Wageningen?
‘Yes, there already is a lot of awareness in Wageningen. But according to XR, awareness alone is not enough anymore. And yes, WUR is a leader in sustainability, but we think that it is time for more urgent measures to deal with the climate crisis. To do that, we first need both the university and the municipality to acknowledge that we are actually in a climate crisis. So during this march, we will hand over our demands to a representative of the university and the mayor of Wageningen.’

What does XR demand from the university and the municipality?
‘The government needs to make new laws to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2025. Polluters need to pay for the environmental and social damage they cause. And we need a climate delta plan to finance necessary climate measures. Universities need to speak out clearly by declaring a climate crisis. Climate change must be part of all curricula. From 2025, universities need to be climate neutral. And we demand that universities support our rebellion.’

When is this march a success?
‘I hope we can gather about 200 people to come together for this march. There will be students, school children and other citizens joining us. The more the better of course, and I would like to invite people, even those who have to go to class or work, to come. Put it aside for a day and get involved. What’s the point of studying for something if you don’t have a liveable future? And what’s the point of studying in Wageningen if the world’s politicians are not listening to our leading scientists?’

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