Organisation - December 9, 2015

External funding uni’s: €1,3 billion

Albert Sikkema

Together the Dutch universities collect 1,3 billion euro from external research assignments. The funding from the industry is decreasing and international organizations are increasingly a more important source of income.

Sources of external funding per university. Researched by ScienceWorks

Researchers in Wageningen and the TU Eindhoven collected the most money for research from the industry and international organizations. According to research by research company ScienceWorks. Wageningen collected €55.193 per researcher, Eindhoven €47.656. Compared to: University of Maastricht where it was €29.052.

When looking at the total amount of contract research, then the universities of Utrecht and Groningen top the list with more than 168 million and 147 million on research assignments.

On average about a quarter of the income of universities comes from external parties, according to research. Businesses play a smaller role than often expected. Of all contracted research about 21 percent comes from businesses. In 2009 this was more than 25 percent. International organizations increasingly important. They now contribute to 21,5 percent of the external money, compared to 16 percent six years ago.