News - August 3, 2016

Expansion of de Bongerd almost complete

Three new halls are almost ready at sports centre de Bongerd. The facilities will be used for the first time during the WURlympics. The event, organised by Wageningen UR, will kick off next Friday.

<Photo: The hall used for Yoga and Pilates>

The sports centre was expanded with a new building that contains three halls. One large hall in which most sports can be practised. One smaller hall to be used for sports like Yoga and Pilates. A climbing wall will be installed in the third and final hall.

The sports centre on campus was due for expansion. More and more students are using the facilities as the university is growing. The number of sports performed at the Bongerd has also increased. In addition there are not enough storage units to contain all sports items. The new facilities have quadrupled the storage space according to Henri ten Klooster. He is the manager of the sports centre.

The new facilities have quadrupled the storage space

The extra capacity also means that more students can take their tests at de Bongerd. The number of students who can take a test simultaneously has risen from 420 to 1000 students. More than twice as many as before.

The work of the suppliers is not yet finished. Their job is to install clocks, stands, a climbing wall and basketball backboard systems. Ten Klooster: ‘It must be possible to practise every available sport at the start of the new academic year. The deadline is set at September 5th.’