Student - January 29, 2016

Escape Room with a biology theme

Carina Nieuwenweg

‘We can do that too,’ thought five students from the Biologica study association after visiting Escape Room Wageningen. Three brainstorming evenings later their own biology-themed Escape Room was up and running.

Photo: Robert Benjamins

The event turned out to be so popular that the students had to run a second evening last Monday. ‘Within two hours of putting the event online six groups had already signed up,’ says Angelina Horsting, one of the initiators. In total about 50 students rose to the challenge.

escape DSC_0339.JPG

In an Escape Room people have to solve a number of puzzles in order to be let out of the room  - in this case the cellar at the home of one of the organizers. The students thought up all the puzzles for the Escape Room themselves. ‘That was quite a challenge. Not only do you have a small budget, but you also have to make the puzzles form one whole, and that is difficult,’ says Angelina. Since clues are hidden all around the room the order of the puzzles is not fixed. ‘We had to make sure that you did have to solve all the puzzles before you could go out, without the order mattering very much.’

25-foto escape room 2.JPG

One of the tasks for the players was to identify an ivy leaf. If they got the right species they found the code to switch on an iPod which played a song containing the next clue.

They were exciting evenings for the Biologica students. ‘You hope everything will go well, that the puzzles are not too difficult but not too easy either,’ says Angelina. ‘In the end all the responses were positive. We had beer and snacks in the cellar as well but everyone was focusing with such concentration that nobody touched a beer.’