News - November 30, 2017

Energy experts form alliance

Roelof Kleis

Wageningen scientists who work on energy-related issues have united in the Energy Alliance. Their aims are to promote internal cooperation and raise Wageningen’s profile in this field.

The initiative was taken by Bas van Vliet of Environmental Policy (Social Sciences), Annemiek ter Heijne of Environmental Technology (Agrotechnology and Food Sciences) and Sven Stremke of Landscape Architecture (Environmental Sciences). Stremke has been working on energy transition in the Netherlands for 12 years. On the teaching front, he has already been collaborating with SSG and AFSG for some time. ‘We contribute to each other’s courses in the context of One Wageningen. Why wouldn’t such collaboration be possible in our research too?’

A quick trawl through we@wur produced 30 colleagues who were working on energy issues in one way or another. Two meetings have been held since then, and the next step is a working paper setting out the objectives and mission. In the long term, the Energy Alliance seeks to make energy transition a key priority in WUR’s next Strategic Plan. The group is still looking for researchers from the Plant and Animal Sciences Groups. Those interested can send an email to