Student - April 16, 2020

Emergency fund raises 60,000 euros for students

Albert Sikkema

University Fund Wageningen (UFW) has raised more than 60,000 euros for students affected by the coronavirus crisis. The crowdfunding campaign has been a huge success.

UFW was getting various reports of Wageningen students facing urgent financial problems. UFW’s interim director Fusien Verloop heard of students who were no longer able to pay the rent, for example, because they had lost their part-time job. Some international students have not been getting their scholarship money because of the lockdown in their own country. ‘We want to help these students in urgent need of money.’

Target exceeded
UFW originally had a target of 35,000 euros but far more than that has now been promised. UFW itself donated 1000 euros, as did the board of alumni society KLV. Wageningen Ambassadors, the group of Wageningen alumni in the public eye, has promised 10,000 euros. ‘Most donors gave between 10 and 500 euros,’ says Verloop. She calls on everyone to make a donation. The campaign will continue until 1 September.